33 Homemade Vet Approved Dog Recipes


Anyone who knows dogs knows that they love to eat! And it is up to us humans to give them the best food possible so that they can lead long, healthy lives as disease free as possible. A dog’s diet is important.

Most dogs are not picky eaters, at least the dogs that we have owned. And some of them ate anything and everything! Even things we did not want them to eat, things that will go unmentioned. Just in case you are reading this near your dinner time!

It makes sense that the more active your dog, the more your dog will eat, in order to replace the burned up calories. One thing is for sure, you don’t want your dog to get overweight. It makes them vulnerable to health hazards just like us!

When I was growing up, and it does not seem that long ago to me, we never heard of making homemade dog food. Now it is fairly common to hear about it. There are some vets who absolutely swear by it, and research that has come out regarding the health benefits of homemade meals for pets.

At this point, I augment my dog’s food with homemade food, or with meat from a store bought cooked chicken that is of good quality and is unseasoned. Without this addition to his diet, our dog becomes very restless and even short-tempered!

Our dog Jeffrey!

I have come to the conclusion that the latest in research is correct. Store bought dog food cannot meet all of a dog’s dietary requirements, no matter how high it’s quality. Dogs crave natural protein. Our dog does not do well with protein sources other than chicken. As long as he has chicken and some assorted vegetables, he is happy, contented and maintains a good weight.

If you would like to read and consult all 33 natural recipes for your dog that you can make at home, just click the link below!



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