Heart Worm Warning and Medication


Types of Heartworm Preventive Treatment 


WARNING: If you give your dog heartworm treatment and they have not been tested, and they do indeed have it, it can be very harmful to your dog even deadly.


There are good reasons you first have to go to a vet and have them administer a blood test to see if your dog has heartworms. If the test comes back negative, your veterinarian will then suggest a heartworm medication for your dog. It’s very important to prevent this deadly disease, as prevention is much safer, easier, and cheaper than treatment. These heartworm medications are all very effective at prevention, as long as they are given in the proper dose on a regular schedule. The medication is usually given to your dog in chewable form, with a dosage of one tablet per month. 

Give your dog the medication on a year-round basis, usually one tablet per month

There are actually several other ways to administer the medication that you may find more suitable to you and your dog, such as topical, or shots. But, agian, you must first go to see and consult with your vet. 



Be sure you read all labels closely and follow all instructions for use. Be sure to tell your veterinarian if your dog shows signs of illness after administration, and have your dog checked yearly for heartworms.




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