Puppy & Dog Vaccine Schedule


We easily accept that people need vaccines to keep healthy and sometimes are surprised that our dogs also need vaccines. Vaccines for puppies can often be given at 6 weeks. First, find a trusted veterinarian by asking friends or family members who have dogs. Second, take in your pet for a visit and see what your vet advises. Most likely they will give you recommendations for a vaccination schedule in order to keep your dog healthy and happy. Every dog needs what are referred to as “core” vaccines that have been found over time to be necessary for your pet.

Then the vet will explain that depending on your dog’s lifestyle, he may need other vaccines. Considerations for these are if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors or will be boarded in kennels.

Through my own experience, I found out that dogs can have allergic reactions to vaccines. When we first took our newly adopted dog Jeffrey to the vet for his vaccines, the vet gave him about 3 different ones. He had a bad reaction to one or a combination of them, and we ended up taking him to an emergency hospital for animals when he became disoriented, had a rash, and lay over on his side. It was a nerve-racking ride to the vets! Thank goodness he recovered quickly after they have him some Adrenalin shots and we took him back home that same night.

From that experience, I would advise any dog owner to get your dog vaccinated during early hours of the day, just in case your dog has a reaction. In that way, vet care is readily available.

You can get a good idea of a dog vaccinations your vet will recommend by referring to the chart at this link. Just click here!


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