Dogs Read Faces Study Shows


We already know that dogs have the ability to sense things that leaves humans scratching their heads. They smell and hear things that we cannot, probably one of the reasons that they made such good companions for our ancestors. They knew when danger was coming.

They even have hair that actually stands up on the back of their necks when particularly fearful or aggressive, while we humans sometimes what can only be imagined as a fraction of their sensation when we feel “the hair stand up on the back of our necks”!

According to recent research, just as we have evolved, so have they. Since they count on us for a home, food, and companionship, it makes sense that they would only become more sensitive to reading our emotions as time progressed. But, maybe this is something that has been ingrained in their DNA for centuries? We will never know.

But if we step back for a moment, we have to admit that dogs are amazing animals. Before being tied to the human race, they were already socially connected to each other. Maybe this is where they learned to read emotions of other “dogs” that we would now consider “primitive dogs”. They needed to know their rank in “the pack”, and sensing emotions of other pack members was imminent to their survival.

Nevertheless, science has now made it possible to actually do research in this area and has come to the conclusion that dogs do indeed read human expressions in their faces. It is interesting research and confirms for many of us what we have already intuitively suspected. Dogs have ways to sense our emotions and feelings and this may be one of the major reasons that they are such good companions!

Consult the research from the link below!



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