7 Ways Tricks Help Dogs


If people could see you teaching your dog tricks, they can easily think that it is for the entertainment of the dog only. It is much more than that! Sit! Roll over! Jump! Teaching your dog tricks is not the hardest thing in the world, and it’s highly beneficial to you and your dog.

Dogs enjoy interacting with their masters, and it makes a stronger bond between you and your dog. Why should you teach your dog tricks?

This would be a real trick if you could teach him to read!
  1. You learn many training techniques which can also be used to gain control over your dog, while your dog is having fun. While learning to teach your dog tricks, training your dog basic tricks like sitting and stay can also be used in life situations like crossing the street or entering a store to keep him/her safe. If you need a full effective training program for your dog, which also includes teaching your dog tricks, this is the one we recommend, “Brain Training For Dogs.”

It is based on the latest research, and created by an average-sized woman (who controls large dogs!) and uses positive teaching techniques only–no kneeing the dog in the chest when a dog jumps up or any shock collar. It is wholly humane and covers every aspect of training your dog. Just click the button below to see just how fantastic the program is:

2. Give Your Dog Something to Do– It doesn’t take long before your dog gets bored and decides to take on a new hobby of chewing anything in sight, including your brand new sofa. When you teach your dog tricks, it helps him to improve his ability to concentrate! He will enjoy his interaction with you for long periods!

3. Help Keep Your Dog’s Mind Sharp– Training your dog will keep his mind active and responsive. The act of learning tricks helps keeps a dog’s mind sharp and agile, even though they might rest more than when they were younger.

4. Help Create a Better Bond between You and Your Dog– Your dog will look up to you and enjoy being with you, and will listen to you instead of trying to get your attention in destructive ways. One of the great things about teaching your dog tricks is that you will get closer and closer to your dog! And it gets even easier to teach him more tricks.

Teaching tricks will strengthen the bond between you and your dog!

5. Show Off- You can show off your dog if you teach it some neat tricks, and your dog will get people’s attention. Dogs love pleasing their owner, so this is an excellent way for your dog to show that he loves you and will perform for you and others! Hopefully, you enjoy being in the spotlight as well! Or, you may have to take some acting lessons!

6. As was mentioned earlier, when your dog learns dog tricks, it helps keep your pet safe at critical times, like crossing the street or when you meet another dog on the sidewalk who may not be friendly. Many situations are unexpected that you may run into with your dog, and when dogs follow your direction, it may keep them out of trouble and harm’s way.
Keep your dog more under control and obedient around others, including friends, family, and visitors.

7. Make Vet Check Ups Easier- Both the veterinarian and you hate it when your dog can’t control itself during a checkup. If you teach it to be calm during the check-up, it will make both of your lives more manageable, and you won’t be embarrassed the way your dog is acting.

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“Only those who act are rewarded”


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