Siberian Miracle 3 yr. Old Girl Found Alive


We have heard miraculous stories of how dogs have saved people and children against almost impossible odds. This is such a story.

When 3 year old Karina set off after her father when he left the home to go to his native village, no one in her family could imagine what was to ensue.

There were no cell phone connections in the back woods of Siberia for Karina’s mom to call her father, Karina’s mother came to the conclusion that her daughter and dog had gone with her father that fateful day in July.

In an area known for its bear and wolf population, there were only worries by all family members and villagers when a search party was launched four days after her disappearance. Many imagined the worse possible outcome for such a young child lost in the harsh wilderness.

Nevertheless, the search continued on foot, by helicopter, and by drone. Little did they know that Karina had buried down in the long grass which made her visibility from above nearly impossible.

As the days dragged on, people began to lose hope of little Karina being found alive. It had already been many days and nights to survive the hostile surroundings and cold nights.

The family reacted in horror when her dog returned home, alone unaccompanied by Karina. When they thought the dog was with her, they thought that she had a chance at survival with the dog being able afford her some comfort and warmth during the below freezing nights. Now that the dog was home, they were close to losing all hope.

But the family and rescuers could not have been more mistaken. The dog had not just returned home to stay, but to lead the rescuers back to Karina’s location! Following Karina’s puppy, the rescuers found Karina covered deep down in the bushes of grass. They exclaimed that she was in surprisingly good shape for having been lost for so long in the Siberian terrain.

It can only be considered a miracle rescue facilitated by her heroic puppy! Karina was taken to the hospital and was treated for exposure. She had no broken bones, only insect bites, and scratches on her feet caused by walking with no shoes.

Over 100 people were credited for giving their time and energy in conducting the search that found little Karina who was ultimately reunited with her puppy!



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